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Adobe XD is Vector-Based! Yay!

I’m not a graphic designer anymore, I major in Web Design now. When I still played with designs, I used #AdobePhotoshop. Later on, I wanted to move to #AdobeIllustrator but didn’t have the time to. Why? They were all going into Web Design. I stopped graphic design and outsourced it to someone I trusted.

When I resumed back on my personal branding, I really needed design. I wanted simple designs, nothing too complicated or professional. I found Adobe XD. Even though Adobe XD is for #UI/UX, some people use it for making designs. I’m one of them, a new member. I mean, UI is still a kinda graphic design. #UI is just way more user-centric. And what’s more? Adobe XD is vector-based!!!!!! Designers will know that feeling when you’re working with a vector-based tool.

I now use Adobe XD for designing. It’s simple and has the basic tools I need. It also has a feature to connect with Photoshop so I can edit, say, pictures in Photoshop and I would reflect in XD. Kinda like functions in Python.

If you don’t know, UI/UX is the hot burger in the design market these days.

If you’re a graphic designer, you can most definitely, confidently, learn UI/UX. Why? It’s because you have a design background.