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Automate Online Stores

Building systems and automating them is fun! Who’s with me on this? I probably inherited this from Java and Python. You know, functions and superclass stuff.

Back to topic ——————

I can’t yet fully automate an online store 100% but I can do enough. I’ll be using an imaginary brand “AutoWave”. And an imaginary customer “Theodore” as an example. AutoWave sells Futuristic Posters. Theodore is looking to get some futuristic posters for her Space Exploration enthusiast cousin. How does AutoWave’s automated online store work?

In a nutshell,

1. Theodore makes an order.

2. DHL picks up the product from AutoWave.

3. DHL delivers the product to Theodore.

Long Story ——————

Theodore chooses a poster she likes. She chooses one with 20×28 inches and sets it to 3 quantities. 20×28 probably weighs 6kg. Theodore continues to the checkout page. A request is sent to DHL with the poster’s size, weight, and shipping address. DHL sends back a price derived from the previous information. Theodore sees the subtotal of the poster and that of shipping. She checks out and pays.

An email is sent to the store manager to notify a purchase. A request is sent to DHL with the product’s name, SKU, and other details. DHL sends a dispatch rider to the store manager’s specified address to pick up the Posters. The store manager gives posters to DHL. DHL takes the poster to Theodore’s shipping address and makes the delivery. Happily ever after…

Amazon ——————

This would be a whole different story with an automated inventory. Something Amazon uses.