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Don’t start a business when you’re broke

I know you’ve heard, “Just Do It! Just Start!”. You start your new business with no savings. You need social media presence, it costs $3,100 but you can only afford $1,000. You can’t back down now because you have already started, the only way is forward. You find someone who is willing to do the job for $1,000 and does a not-so-good job.

Now you have an inferior social media presence and it’s not even achieving your goal which is to build a brand and make some money. This is why they say “Don’t Start A Business When You Are Broke”. If you want to start a business, save for a few years, learn for a few years, then start. This way you’ll have enough cash stocked up to get quality work done and get tangible results. Oh! Of course, you can take a loan as well, but that’s an unsteady road you don’t want to crash in.