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Execute! Execute! Execute!

We have access to a century’s worth of information. This is good, but as with every other thing, there is a dark side to it. This is especially with the Self-Development industry. There are people out there producing content in the form of videos, books, seminars, and workshops. Most of these are beneficial to us, surely when we #ACT on them. I read loads of books after my secondary school days. Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, John C. Maxwell, etc. I consumed loads of content. @garyvee, @danlok, @ericthehiphoppreacher, etc.

One thing I discovered years ago which I only started acting on during covid19’s glory days, was to Stop, Pause, process and execute. I read only one book in 2020. Switched to the comedy genre and spent more time on evening walks. Someone I talked with a lot during covid19 inspired the evening walks which was a great idea. I had more time to process all the information I’d been storing up for years. I concluded all that I consumed right after my secondary school days would take me farther in life even if I stopped consuming content right now, for years to come. But of course, this excludes the consumption of content that keeps me up to date with earth, her kids, and their activities.

Stop, Pause, Process and Execute would have been today’s topic but I thought EXECUTE would be cooler, anyways. Let me know what you think.

In a nutshell, let’s all stop, pause, process, and execute. Execution is just as important as consumption. Act on all that you’ve learned so far. Don’t fall into the infinite loop of self-development without development