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Got an SEO score of 90/100

I found a way to use SEO within my Elementor Interface πŸ₯³. It integrates seamlessly with Elementor Pro. I don’t use Yoast SEO anymore though, they offer way less 🀧 for free. Ah! By the way, the name is RANK MATH SEO. Rank math SEO offers so much more for less which is a win-win for both my clients and myself. Most websites I work on don’t require advanced SEO so this would do the trick.

Rank Math SEO Space inside Elementor Pro interface

By the way, I hear of Web Designers that just create websites and go on holiday. There is God o! πŸ˜“ Web Design isn’t just about creating a website, it’s also about SEO, Mobile Responsiveness, functionality, and others I can’t remember right now πŸ˜…. I’ll be putting up a series on all that soon so get your eyes πŸ‘€ ready. It’ll be about major processes and plugins I use for websites.