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Left Digital Marketing for Digital Branding

I was pretty interested in Digital Marketing. Eventually, I had to pivot to Digital Branding. Most brands need to work on Digital Branding before going into marketing.

Let’s assume Mr. S has an untidy house. Mr. S would have to clean up his house before inviting some friends over. Not the other way around. Most brands focus on inviting friends over without even looking at the condition of their houses. Houses are a mess and when friends come over, they leave almost immediately.

Digital Branding is made up of *Internet Branding* and *Digital Marketing*.

*Internet Branding* is widely known as Digital Branding. It involves tidying the house, getting new furniture, cleaning up the compound, and setting up flowers all around.

*Digital Marketing* is widely known as Digital Marketing. It involves posting flyers, inviting friends, family, and the whole neighborhood over for some function.

In Nigeria, almost everyone knows what advertising or Digital Marketing is. But very few know how important Digital Branding is. I get a lot of people trying to market their products, invest in digital marketing all the time. However, none of them have a website or even an Instagram page. If you’d like to work on some Digital Branding for your business or brand, let’s have a chat biko. I’ll do free consultancy until the 10th of September.