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Local Sync

Found out about Local Sync yesterday when I was updating my websites on Manage WP Orion. Mehn, I’ve got so many features I need to read on and pay for on Manage WP.

Local Sync is very useful to those who design websites offline, on a local server. It acts like Git Hubs Push Command. It takes the website on your local server and moves it online.

What if I already have a version of the website on an online server?

In the case of an existing website, it simply updates the database of the old one with the new one. This way, the changes you made reflect on the online website. You can also choose which media to push or not.

The old way would be making a copy of the website, working on it and replacing the one online. This involves lots of deleting, uploading, and replacing.

With Local Sync, you can download a copy of the website, work on it and simply update it instead of going through the stress of deleting, updating, and replacing files and database tables. This involves just updating.

You can try it out, it’s still in the beta stage though.

I’ll be posting about Manage WP and all their features soon, put an ear in.