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I did some research at the beginning of this year on wrapping up websites. Learn a lot about it. Finishing up a website and sending it your client’s way is a whole different thing. The three most important of all are; Branding, Hand-over, and Videos.

Branding: Changing the WordPress logo at the wp-login page to your client’s own goes a looooong way. Adding their logo to the WordPress dashboard and even changing the colors to that of your client’s brand color.

Hand-over: Clients want control over their website. You should set up Elementor to allow them to make simple edits like changing texts and pictures. Also, remove some options on the WordPress Dashboard so it’s simpler to navigate and avoid heavy changes by clients.

Videos: You have to make videos to guide your clients on how to do different things. Like how to change texts, pictures, update products, etc. You can create a private youtube channel and make a playlist for each website project. This way, they can always find the videos.

Plugins in this post:

  • AntiSpam Bee
  • iThemes Security
  • Exact Metrics
  • Really Simple SSL
  • SEO by Rank Maths
  • Manage WP Worker
  • WP Admin Customize

Be sure to check those plugins out and add them to your WP Library.

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