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Starting a Podcast

I personally love Self-Sustainable Systems and Automation. After solving a problem, I’m always thinking of how to make it self-sustainable, and how to automate it. I think I got that from Programming. So I have people asking me questions on literally anything Tech, and some on mindset. Why not answer them on a podcast and have it on the internet for anyone else looking for the same answers? I’m thinking of starting a podcast from those questions and inviting people on it as well. So I’d probably have two podcasts. One for questions and topics in general and the other for mindset. Yep, mindset, targeting Nigeria. If you also want to start a podcast, Anchor FM is the way. You should check them out.

Alright, if you have any questions within the superclass Digital Branding, DM me right away. Same for superclass Mindset as well.