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Technology has leveled the playing field for everyone, especially Africans

I was talking with Mrs. Adekola at Lifeforte the other day. We were talking about tech, robots, China, South Korea, and Singapore. She mentioned; Technology has leveled the playing field for everyone, especially Africans. I wholeheartedly agree with that.

A device with access to the internet gives you access to all the information on the internet, FOR FREE. You don’t really have an excuse for not living a comfortable life, for not making money, for not learning. Stop praying to God on the mountain every last Friday of the month, God is looking at you in 3d, feeling bad for you in mandarin. Instead, go online, google stuff for 5 minutes and start the YouTube playlist for learning Marketing. There is literally nothing you can’t learn online today. Have you googled how to make an atomic bomb? How to make egusi soup? Can my eyes pop out? Or How to kill a person?. A bit extreme but good examples to show just how much is available to learn online.

Are all these possible? YES, IT IS. When I started learning HTML and all that, I was using a 2.1 android smartphone, Motorola was a thing back then. Could only open one app at a time and the screen was tiny as hell. I would calculate how much MB to use and get the exact credit for that. 100kbps was fast as hell then. But now, Infinix and Techno have made access to high-end smartphones more accessible. Internet is more accessible. Faster and cheaper. 

I know we are religious in Africa. Being a Christian or a Muslim is not bad. You ask God for paper but He already provided forests all over the world from the very beginning with a self-sustainable system to prevent their extinction.

In China, there are restaurants that are fully automated. Robots cook, send out dishes, get payment, clean the floor. There is a SuperApp in China. A super app is an app that has everything you need. In Singapore, vertical farming is a thing. In South Korea, checking or waiting for a file to finish downloading is abnormal. These countries have earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, volcanic eruptions, etc. And they still move forward. They still lead advancements. Now, how cool is that?

Get some data on your smartphone and start learning today. By the way, I teach as well. I want to make some cash, you want to learn, we make an exchange. Everyone lives happily ever after.