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Types of Web Designers

Web Designers can handle small-scale and medium-scale website projects. We have types of web designers as well.

1. Static Web Designers

2. CMS/Dynamic Web Designers

3. eCommerce Web Designers

1. Static Web Designers

A static web designer puts together a couple of pages and design elements in HTML CSS and Java without needing to change any data. Everything on a static website continues as it was without any changes. They are simple to create and are easily crawled by search engines.

2. CMS or Dynamic Website Designers

A dynamic web designer creates a website that can convey dynamic data that is updated automatically over the course of time. Dynamic Web designers use content management platforms like WordPress and Joomla. They provide flexibility in designing, creating, and updating content.

3. eCommerce Web Designer

An eCommerce web designer makes a website that works like a store with its functionalities. The eCommerce website or an online store deals with all the technical parts of the sales. Some are Woocommerce and Shopify. eCommerce web designers make the website easy to use and modify without complex actions.

I’m a Static, CMS/Dynamic, and eCommerce, Web Designer. How? I accumulated them over the years from continuous learning. DM me if you have a website project.